Friends of Heidi

We were fortunate to have Heidi in our lives. The joy that she brought to us seemed endless. Her energy, curiosity, stubbornness, and love were truly gifts to us. But she shared these gifts with everyone she met. Although she was always initially hesitant with strangers, she made friends fast. And we quickly learned that it is a universal truth that everyone loves a wiener-dog.

As we would walk down the street, you could see the eyes of passers-by light up. We couldn’t wait for a tram or streetcar without people having to greet Heidi. She became known to the waiters and proprietors of our favorite restaurants who would never forget to bring a bowl of water or even her own plate of food to the table. She even had her own place at the salon where we got our hair cut.

She was amazing with kids and even babies. This is a dog who made it clear to adult people and dogs when she has had enough, but little kids could chase her and even pull her tail or ears and she would just run off. Puppies could nip at and play with her, and she had the patience of a saint. She was so gentle and really had heart of gold.

She was loved by everyone, and it was so gratifying to see the delight she brought us be shared with friends, neighbors, and even strangers. Thank you to all who were friends of Heidi.

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