In Memoriam Heidi

Our wiener-dog, Heidi

Our wiener did everything she was on this earth to do and it is with tremendous grief that we tell you that Heidi has departed us. The joy of having shared in her life however will always remain with us and with all of the friends she made.

Heidi was such a joy in our life, but she also brought joy to everyone she met. Heidi made friends wherever she went. And having been possibly one of the world’s best-traveled wiener-dogs, we are comforted remembering all of the smiles she created everywhere she went.

We are grateful for all of the happiness that she brought us all and we encourage you to look back with us and remember her adorable, enthusiastic little life. Watch the slide show below and also don’t forget to check out Chris’ long form reflection and leave us a comment below of your favorite memory of Heidi!

Our wiener did a lot, and we want to remember it all.

Chris and Elise

Remembering Heidi

Slideshow tribute to Heidi

Photo contributions with gratitude from Christiane J., David W., Pat T., and Peter G. Music by The Candlepark Stars

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